Described as “the sound of the indiepop underground” Horowitz formed in 2004 as a three-piece bedroom project. Since then they have released a full-length LP, 5 singles and numerous compilation tracks, memorably coining the slogan ‘Popkids of the World Unite!’ on the b-side of their first single for Cloudberry Records, 2007’s ‘Tracyanne.’ Practically bleeding DIY ethics, the band have taken their Pavement-meets-Subway Organization brand of noise pop to Germany, Sweden and the U.S, playing some of the finest indiepop clubs and festivals including Cosy Den in Stockholm and the 2010 NYC Popfest. They've also released singles with WeePop, Paper Tiger and Glo-Fi.

"Horowitz songs are like something you can cling to when times are hard, or you’ve had a shit day at work, or you have no money or your girlfriend’s just told you she’s running off with your sister" (A Layer of Chips) . “For other bands, Horowitz make lesson one quite simple. Have tunes. Loads of them" (In Love With These Times in Spite of These Times). "Horowitz totally do guitar-based indie pop (like, TOTALLY do it) that makes me feel like there’s some whole other worry-free world out there that" (Norman Records".

Releases Fika003: Horowitz - The Knitwear Generation EP [Cassette/DL]