Making Marks formed in Oslo in 2012 and are made up of Ola Innset on guitar and vocals, Nina Bø on vocals and keyboards, Marie Sneve on bass and Jørgen Nordby on drums. They’ve gigged with the likes of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Asobi Seksu, Allo Darlin’ and Marit Larsen, and have toured extensively around Europe and the USA, including appearances at SXSW.

They recorded a number of tracks for the album at Soup Studios in London, with Simon Trought and Giles Barrett. It was their influence that saw Paul Rains from Allo Darlin' playing lap steel on the song “Barcodes” and this led to Making Marks supporting Allo Darlin’ in Europe. The rest of the album is recorded in Oslo with respected indie producer Sjur Lyseid, who has worked with the band in various guises over the years.

A Thousand Half-Truths as an album is one of tensions – both resolved and unresolved. Making Marks initially planned to go down a folk/country musical path, however they soon realised that indie came more naturally to them. Yet, the tension between the country and the pop still remained, with folky melodies echoing the extended harmonies of The Carpenters, whilst their propensity for banjos, ukuleles and harmonicas faded away to leave the band sounding more integral and functional. This left them with a set of quietly confident, melancholy country songs as played by an bubbly indiepop band.


“upbeat, lovely soulful indie pop. Think Belle & Sebastian sprinkled with Motown, jazz, and far more instruments, including the banjo, classical strings, brass and the glockenspiel. What keeps [them] an indie pop band as we know it is frontman Ola Innset’s serene, Paul Simon-esque voice” MTV

“Citing Neil Sedaka and Chris Isaak and possesing the gift of tenderness like Belle & Sebastian, Making Marks, [are] rich and varied, with strings, trumpets and electric guitars” Rolling Stone

"There's a trace of Saint Etienne's suburban romance to be heard in the superior pop of Making Marks, a Norwegian four-piece whose debut album puts a winning finish of wit and longing on the belts-and-braces indiepop undercoat." Uncut [7/10 album review]

"It’s an effective blend, especially with the sad but beautiful vocals of singers Ola Innset and Nina Bø as well as the country twang of Innset’s picking style of electric guitar playing." Neon Filler [8/10 album review]

"The album's opening moments are its most touching, starting with 'Bruises' and 'Barcodes'. 'Bruises' feels like a Buddy Holly song; it's rocky, yet subdued enough to sound a little bit dated, and sombre." The 405

"The consistently excellent male/female vocals on show make A Thousand Half-Truths less a smack in the face than a warming, gentle arm around the shoulder. Perfect for these cold winter nights." Shout4Music [7/10 album review]

"so beautifully paced and repeatedly willing to add adventurous instrumental flourishes hither and thither" Music OMH

"well-crafted pop songs all held together with great hooks and harmonies as well as an enjoyable bitter-sweet propensity towards expressing their social commentary" Contact Music

"a summery album to brighten up the current wintery outlook" Scottish Express

"classic heartwarming indiepop" SoundsXP

"a strong contender for indie-pop album of the year" Inforty

"it is so damn good, you should open the window and turn it up.... You can usually tell which bands are purposely derivative and which make music with wide eyes and wider smiles. You should be able to tell which are worth your time. Your time and your money. We don't have anything else to give. Buying a record in the age of penniless streams is to take an investment in that band. It is to say I want this band to have a future. I value the the things they create highly enough to want them to keep creating things." The 405 [Single Of The Week]

"beguiling folk pop, that manages to be both sweet, smart, and a bit melancholic, all at the same time" Under The Radar [album premiere, North America]

"their star turns are vocalists Ola Innset, whose intricate guitar picking style is worth paying close attention to, and Nina Bø." Neon Filler [10 To Watch In 2014]

"a real treat from sons and daughters of Oslo, Making Marks" Shout4Music

“Wonderful twee-like qualities makes them sound like one of those legendary Labrador bands that have been perfecting this craft for years and years” Panic Manual

"Call[s] to mind the uncynical joy of Belle & Sebastian. This is unpretentious indie-pop that deserves to be savoured" Metaphorical Boat

"There's no doubt about who's the finest indiepop band in Norway" - panorama.no

"It has elements of everything: Belle & Sebastian, Animal Collective, Kitchens Of Distinction, Allo Darlin’..." Collapse Board [Single of the day]

“While the Oslo-based quartet’s melancholy instrumentals were lush, it was their secret weapon—cotton candy-spun male/female harmonies—that got the packed out bar moving” Under The Radar

"wonderfully sweetly lapping reverb heavy summer pop" God Is In The TV

"like an early Slow Club on a guitar binge, the track’s a delicate and delirious dive into a melody wonderland" Drunken Werewolf [Bruises]

"Making Marks provide shelter in a dizzying storm of changing trends and emerging sounds by remaining true to themselves and what they like and the results are something everyone is sure to love. I sure do" All Around Sound

"Making Marks have caught my attention in a gentle and fascinating way: "Barcodes" sounds like falling in love." Aurally Yours

"the sort of charming Scandinavian indie-pop that I for one absolutely can’t resist" Backseat Mafia

"Imagine Bonnie 'Prince' Billy channeling The Beach Boys. The clean tremolo of the guitar just bounds along with the melody, making for a singalong song that you shouldn't really be singing along to" Echoes and Dust

"Beach harmonies blend with go-go bar synths. This should be destined for a beautiful people rocking the boho look this summer." Acid Ted

"Making Marks takes a step toward the head of the class with their delicious hooks and their adventuresome use of banjos, ukuleles, harmonica and glockenspiel, providing for a rich listening experience" When You Motor Away

"Here to stay are the band’s sweet male/female vocal harmonies; folk pop orchestration, and sly worldview where one’s greatest dream is to become “Andrew Bird … but younger.” Maybe growing up isn’t so hard after all." MTV Iggy

"shifting rhythms and world weary girl/boy melodies are deliciously redolent of Belle and Sebastian while their subtle pristine guitar lines bring to mind the best works of The Whitest Boy Alive" God Is In The TV Zine [UK album premiere]

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