Moustache Of Insanity are Nik (keyboards and giggles) and Bill (guitar and moustache). We first came across them supporting one of Bill's various other bands (probably Allo Darlin' or with Darren Hayman's Secondary Modern) and were immediately blown away with their infectious and outrageously fun take on indiepop. Fiendishly simple songs about sending postcards to strangers over the internet, books and the soon-to-be swedish punk classic Kaktus is all it takes to take us to a place with no worries, a world where we can just spend all our time with friends dancing and singing along to pop. We love them.

"Goofy conceptualists" (New York Times) "A daft combination of twee bedroom pop and the Moldy Peaches" (indie-mp3) "It’s like The Ramones writing Belle & Sebastian records. Initially these tracks sound a little throwaway, but a repeat listen reveals a truly heartfelt, almost melancholic feel in these genuine love songs" (Off The Beaten Tracks)

Releases Fika004: Moustache Of Insanity - Moustache Dammit!!! [Cassette/DL] Fika010: Moustache Of Insanity - Album Of Death [12" LP/CD/DL]